General Rules

Rules to play correctly on Holland Roleplay
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General Rules
  • Do not disrespect or use racism to other members of the community when out-of-character (OOC).
    • Example: Text Screens, OOC Chat, Advert, Admin Sits, RP Name.
  • Do not harass, grief, or troll players of the community.
  • Do not spam
    • Example: OOC, Advert, Job, Voice, etc.
  • Do not post links on the server/forums (Unless associated with Steam / Garnet Gaming).
  • Do not abuse exploits or loopholes, report those to staff members, and you may receive a reward!
  • Do not impersonate other users (This includes having identical or similar names).
  • Do not intentionally submit false reports.
  • Do not display pornography or otherwise graphic material.
  • You may not scam players (Promising something to someone and not following through).
  • DDoS or the publicizing of other member's private information (DOX) will result in a permanent ban. (This includes all "hacking" threats).
  • Admin decisions are final.
  • Adverts must be clear.[/quote]

  • Do not RDM.
  • Random Death Match; Killing players with no RP reason.
  • Disrespect, mic spam, or anything that would not result in damage being taken is not RP reasons to kill someone.
  • Do not NLR.
  • New Life Rule; Returning to the scene of your death immediately after dying or before the preset time has run out.
  • If you die defending a base during a raid you may not return to the base until the raiding party has left the base.
  • NLR Timer: 3 Minutes.
  • Do not prop minge or prop surf.
  • Aimlessly throwing props around, trapping other players, and or any other inappropriate use of a prop).
  • Do not stack/chain adverts.
  • Example: Raid/Assist/Mug/warn123/false/over, etc..
  • Do not demote players if staff are on.
  • Check if any staff are on through the tab menu before using /demote you may be subject to a warning.
  • Do not Fading Door Abuse.
  • FDA: Abusing keybinds on your keyboard to open and close fading doors.
  • Do not RP in spawn
  • Example: Raping, Building, Mugging, shooting people etc.
  • Do not body block or door spam
  • Making it so players cannot pass you or spamming e on a door to prevent it from being opened or closed.
  • Do not run into spawn to avoid an RP situation.
  • Do not change your name more than 3 times within 5 minutes.
  • Do not use /advert or /broadcast for Non-RP reasons.
  • You may not climb SWEP abuse
  • Example: Hitting players with the Climb SWEP for no reason.
  • You may not text screen minge.
  • You may not kill yourself to avoid an RP situation.
  • You may not use key binds to fade and unfade fading doors during an RP situation
  • Example: Fading the entrance of your base with a keybind while running from someone mugging you.
  • You may not kill civil protection while wanted unless they are making an attempt to actively arrest you.
  • You may steal after adverting steal, once you advert steal the victim or the victim's party member(s) have the right to kill you without adverting counter.
  • You may not leave a sit unless declared over by a moderator.
  • You may not report on another players behalf.
  • Metagaming is prohibited.
  • Use of OOC or PM to affect the given RP situation you or others are related in.
  • Example: /OOC “I'm being raided *name* come help me!).
  • Invisible names are prohibited
  • Adverts and broadcasts must be coherent.
  • Do not interrupt staff reports.
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