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Dear reader,


First of all, Welcome to the InstantRP website and forum. Here you will find all kinds if thing  you need to know to start off on InstantRP!


What makes InstantRP different?

InstantRP is a semi serious server, this means we do like to roleplay but raid as wel, our raiding system is not like the other servers, one of these things are the rules. Our rules makes the server a bit more immersive, like the rule: Advert 5 minutes before the raid may happen, why 5min? well we have body armour and health packs you can take with you before you get into the fight! This makes it just fair and easy for both teams. That's just one of the rules we made up to keep the server better.


Addons and jobs?

InstantRP has a lot to offer when it comes to addons. Our addons are based on the jobs, like our swat team is very enhanced, they can equip an ballistic shield, door ram, and even  flash grenades and smoke grenades. They will protect our community and come to places were normal police can't come. This is just one of these enhanced jobs.


Staff team.

InstantRP is very selective with the staff team, abusing admins or mods will be punished and watched. A new Trailmod needs to play for one month to prove him self to be a Mod or further. So please think twice about joining the team. The base team, so the Superadmin+ are friends in real and know the limits, these guys will always watch the server from console or in-game, and keep the peace. 

Be sure to read the rules. And ofcource have a good time playing InstantRP!




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